Longing for luscious lashes? Your wish has come true! Cypress Medispa is one of Texas’ premier locations for Allergan’s latest lash-enhansing product, LATISSE!Latisse-1
“Latisse is the ONLY FDA APPROVED medication proven to make your lashes LONGER, THICKER, and DARKER!”
Results were seen in all patients during the clinical trials with this revolutionary product, with the best results seen after approximately 16 weeks of use. Regular, nightly, use of Latisse results in amazingly luscious lashes without the need for tedious eyelash extensions!

Latisse is incredibly safe! Minimal side effects were reported with minor skin irritation at the application site being the most common. Other side effects, seen in less than 1% users include, transient skin darkening at the application site and the potential for iris pigmentation (not actually reported in Latisse users, but reported in less than 1% of glaucoma patients who used a similar medication directly into the eye).latisse_box

Latisse is not recommended for patients suffering from diseases of the eye, pregnancy or during lactation.

For more information on our Latisse service or to get a price quote for this service, please call our office at (281)256-9442for more details.